Junior Tennis League Schedule

Final Summer League Tennis Schedule 2019.docx
League Rules and Regulations:

1. The team listed with the asterisk on the schedule is the HOME team for the varsity.

2. The matches will be approximately from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the dates provided.

3. The teams hosting the match will provide 6 cans of new balls.

4. The matches will consist of 6 singles matches and 3 doubles matches. The top 6 players will play an eight-game pro set of singles (no-ad). At 7-all, play a 12 point tiebreaker. Players 7 through 12 will play doubles also an eight-game pro set (no-ad).

5. JV players will play at opposite locations on the same day and time. These players can play both singles and doubles—one set with tie-breaker at 5-All (Recommended). No-ad scoring.

6. For cancellation of a match, please let the opposing pro know by 11:00 a.m.

7. If bad weather, the pros will discuss it in the morning and try to reschedule a match on a Monday or Wednesday during July, or during the match make-up day the week of Championships. 

8. REMINDER: Players will be eligible for play and champs if they turn 18 before August 1st. This is to give high school students a final summer of play before college. Paid workers/assistants MAY play in the league, so long as their paid work is NOT with the players of the varsity team that they are playing on. In other words, a player may NOT be paid to coach varsity players and play on that same team. Absolutely no repeating players during Varsity matches.

10. Singles players must play singles, doubles players must play doubles. 1 match per player.

11. Ghost matches of any kind are encouraged to get players as much experience as possible. 

12. JV Matches do not follow the same list of match rules. Coaches choice for all JV matches including match set-up and length. (Interclub Tournament date TBD).

Tennis Calendar


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